Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Myanmar Security Force (Lun Htin) Arrest Rohingya Women After Failing to Arrest Male Villagers from Kiladaung

Source from Salamnews, 14 Jan

The unrest is taking place in villages south of Maungdaw.

Map of Maungdaww, Burma

(MAUNGDAW, Burma) - According to a reliable news source from Maungdaw, some Rohingya women have been taken to Maungdaw Lun Htin Headquarters from the Kiladaung village (Du Chiradan village), located six miles south of Maungdaw, after Lun Htin (Govt. security forces) failed to arrest male villagers.

It is alleged that last night, a Lun Htin, along with his other Rakhine Buddhist associates, entered the village, reportedly for the purpose of looting.

A G3 gun belonging to one of the Lun Htin is said to have gone missing. So, using the missing weapon as their reason, the security forces entered the village today noon to arrestmale villagers. However, almost all the male villagers escaped from their homes in fear of arrest.

The prevailing tense situation leaves these villagers and also those from other neighboring villages extremely worried.

Edited for by Tim King

Special thanks to Nurul Islam, Media, GWAB (Grassroots Welfare Association)


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