Monday, 1 April 2013

Burma offers settlements to Arakan Bengali Buddhists

source Mayupress, 31 Mar
The Burmese authority warmly welcomes Bengali ethnic Buddhists mostly from different villages of Ragamati, Bandarban and Kagrachori of Bangladesh Hill tract for permanent residency with the entire necessary living supports to the lands owned by Rohingya in different localities of Maungdaw and Buthidaung in Arakan. At least 300 Bengali Buddhist families have settled in Arakan within last three months.

On 29th March 2013, ten Bengali Buddhist families having about 70 genders were temporary sheltered inside the Border Security Force (Nasaka) Camp No: 05 named Ngayin Chaung (Boutoror Ghati) in Northern Maungdaw. The Border Security Force (Nasaka) prepared truck and bus to send them Border Security Force (Nasaka) Headquarter for their settlement informed by a resident.

One week back, another 16 Bengali Rakhine families were given permanent resident to Aung Mingalar Model village in Maungdaw, Arakan told by a police personnel. The Burmese government has also provided them a ready made house, two acres of paddy ground (10 Khani), a pair of cows, food supplements, 1.5 million kyat, kitchen materials and clothes per family. The authority confiscates whole paddy ground and land properties near the model villages from the Rohingya possessions.

The Burmese authority trying to drive out and vanish all Rohingya as well as Burmese Muslims from Burma and inviting other Buddhist inhabitant races consist of Chakma, Saak, Kammi, Myu and Rakhine across the Bangladesh to the places of Rohingya. According to a Chakma resident from Maungdaw, authority had sent some Rakhine monks to Bangladesh Buddhists areas with an offer of everlasting transfer to Arakan who are willing to be a new standard life.

31st March 2013

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